Free Courses and Apps For Yoga Beginners to Learn

Free Courses and Apps For Yoga Beginners to Learn

While you can follow a book while learning yoga, a more personal approach may suit you. If you find it hard to keep motivated, solo yoga is an option you can consider. But it can be lonely. To get the most out of yoga, you should know what your goals are before starting a class. Are you looking for a stress and tension release? Do you want to alleviate symptoms of a specific illness? Or are you looking for a dynamic exercise class?

If you're a beginner, child's pose is an excellent choice. It can be a resting spot and serve as a pause to breathe and relax between poses. You'll eventually move on to corpse pose, also known as savasana. Finally, when learning yoga, always remember that it's a personal journey and not a competitive sport. Listen to your body and learn the postures that work for you.

Another option is to purchase a video course. There are tons of videos available on youtube that demonstrate poses. However, many of them lack structure and can become overwhelming for a beginner. Those who are looking for a step-by-step approach may want to stick with a well-designed course. However, online courses tend to be slightly more expensive than a book, but they don't compare favorably with a live teacher.

Yogabasics is another option for learning yoga. You can sign up for a free trial membership on this website, which gives you access to premium content for two months. You'll also receive regular feedback about your progress and any mistakes. The disadvantage of this option is that you can't see the instructor in real time. In addition, online courses are more expensive than traditional resources. It's still worth checking out an online course if you want to learn yoga.

You can also take an online course at SkillShare. Its library of adult continuing education courses includes thousands of courses. You can start a free 7-day trial to see if the yoga classes are right for you. There are also many online yoga classes, including a beginner level course for beginners. Melissa Redondo, a yoga teacher and artist, is offering a course in online yoga. The instructor is a yoga master with over 10 years of experience. The courses range from gentle stretches to intense yoga workouts.

Beginners should begin their yoga classes by attending at least one or two classes a week. The consistency of class attendance will help you become familiar with the movements and poses and will help you enjoy the benefits of the exercises. Many studios offer both beginner and fundamental workshops that can be beneficial for beginners and advanced students alike. Fundamental workshops focus on proper alignment and safe yoga poses. A teacher should offer modifications if necessary so that the class can move as smoothly as possible.


While at-home yoga practice is helpful for a beginner, it's recommended that you attend a few classes with a qualified instructor before taking up a regular class. Yoga etiquette is fairly self-explanatory. Remember to show up on time, turn off your phone, and respect the instructor and fellow students. These small details make a big difference! Learning yoga is a lifetime investment. There's no better time to start.